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Your personal data is treated as confidential and only used for linguistic and related services. You have the right to view, amend or delete this information at any time.

Who Am I?

I am Ulrike Nichols, also trading under the name of Ample Translations, at 13A Heath Terrace, Leamington Spa, CV32 5NA, UK. I am the data processor and in some instances data collector of the personal data you provide me. Should the data you provide contain personal data of third-parties you must have an agreement with them that enables me to process the data for the purposes of translation.

Why Do I Collect Personal Data?

If you are visiting my website, you are not obliged to share personal data. However, anyone interested in my services can get in touch via my contact form, and some personal data must be collected to establish communication.

The legal basis for processing your data is to perform the services you request or to take necessary steps prior to fulfilling that request (GDPR 6(1b) “performance of a contract”). The same legal basis also applies if you provide me with a service. The legal basis for processing special categories of personal data such as health information is your explicit consent for me to translate, revise or edit that information (GDPR 6(1a) “consent”).

I do not use your personal data for marketing purposes, nor do I disclose it to unauthorised third parties.

What Type of Data Do I Collect?

I hold data on clients, suppliers, collaborators, and potential clients for legitimate interests.

Personal data collected may include your name, postal address, email address, telephone number, and payment and delivery conditions. Depending on the subject matter, the documents I translate/edit may also contain data relating to natural persons

How Do I Collect Data and How Do I Use It?

I collect data via emails and the contact form on my website. I need to know your personal information to provide you with translation services and to establish communication. I am not collecting data from you that are unnecessary to provide my services. I do not use cookies, beacons or any other internet technology to retain information about your usage of my website. If you provide me data of a special category such as medical information I will process this data as agreed for translation purposes only.

Which Security Measures Am I Using?

Personal data is periodically backed up on a device other than that used on a day-to-day basis so that personal data can be recovered in the event of loss or damage. All electronic systems in use for storing or processing personal information are password-protected. The data you provide me is kept on my computer in folders that are encrypted, and password protected. No other person has access to these folders. Printed copies of translations or source files will be shredded and disposed after the completion of a project.

Data Sharing

Your data will not be shared with unauthorised third parties. I am using an encrypted VPN to keep your data secure. I have a special data protection agreement with my internet host to ensure data security. If I collaborate with a colleague in a project, I ensure that he or she also complies with the rules of the GDPR.

Length of Data Storage

I will keep your personal data such as address and email address for as long as we have a professional relationship and I accept professional assignments from you. Data contained in translation files will be destroyed together with those files after six years. I am required under UK tax law to keep your basic personal data (name, address, contact details) for a minimum of six years after our professional relationship was terminated, after which time it will be destroyed.

Right to file complaints with regulatory authorities

You have the right to be informed about your personal data, how it is collected, who has access to it, and why it is processed as well as the right to rectify or erase data and restrict processing of it at any time and free of charge.

If there has been a breach of data protection legislation, the person affected may file a complaint with the competent regulatory authorities. In the UK this is the Information Commissioner’s Office, or ICO, and in Germany the Datenschutz-Aufsichtsbehörde.

Social Media

This website also includes links to my professional Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. These features are provided by the third-party social media platforms themselves. Please note that, as the operator of this site, we have no knowledge of the content of the data transmitted to Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. For more information, please see the respective privacy policy for Twitter and LinkedIn

*Updated in December 2018



Disclaimer of Liability
While I have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of any information provided on this site, I do not accept liability for the contents of links to third-party websites contained herein. The contents of such third-party websites are the responsibility of the respective owners and/or providers. The contents are checked regularly and links that are inappropriate or illegal will be removed immediately. 

Portrait of Ulrike Nichols: Julian Selmes, selmesphotogprahy

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